CJ and Casey Before the Ceremony

As I mentioned in my previous post CJ and Casey’s wedding was all about the details.  One of my favorite details was “The five Fun Facts about Casey and CJ” cards that were placed on the tables at the reception.  So, I have decided to share a a few of these facts with you.

Fact one: Casey and CJ’s lives revolve around their dog, Teagan.  Teagan was once a panda…


Fact two: A few words that describe CJ…fun, loving, and passionate.



Fact three: A few words that describe Casey…creative, logical, and dedicated.



Fact four: Casey took 8000 photo’s when he studied in China.


Fact five: CJ was a 7-time All -American swimmer in high school.



Fact six: Every state where CJ lived had a professional sports team win a World Title while she was there.  Yes, the Cards won the World Series after CJ moved to Missouri in 2011…Lucky Charm!



Fact seven: Casey was a State Champion Champion Wrestler during his senior year of high school.



Fact eight: Some of CJ’s famed words when she was little: ephalaunt,housegrooper,engine fire, mowlawner, and hamburger.



Coming soon, more facts about Casey and CJ and….the wedding!

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